Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meaning of Good Friday

We are entering into the ‘Holy week’, when our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified. It may be mention here that there is no better Friday than Good Friday because this very Friday brings new hopes to human beings. We know the symbols of Cross. There are different shapes, patterns, size and its designs are different to one another. But the holiest one is none other than the Cross which our Lord Jesus Chris was crucified. Though it was painted with the blood of Jesus, stained with the sorrow sweat of our Savoir and marked with the cutting of the sword of the Roman’s soldiers, its value never reduce.

Peoples asked why Jesus Christ needs to be crucified.

The answer is disobedient to Almighty God by the first human being Adam and Eve. There is no more like Father and son’s relationship between God and His creature because of sin. From then onwards, Almighty God and His beloved creature were parted away. Holy God cannot keep unholy human beings though He loves them.

The children’s of human beings are directly infected by what we called ‘impurity ’. Why do our minds intend to do just the opposite of what our parents said? Why do we need prison? Disobedient deeply entered into our minds for naughty, reckless, irresponsible, wicked, foolish etc. Unholy human being possesses the above characters.

There are many people who bear the name – ‘Shanti (peace)’, ‘Dipti (light)’ and also naming a place for ‘Shantinagar (valley of peace)’. If this world lives according to what God created the first man, there would not be fear, darkness would not prevail. But we named our children ‘Shanti’ so that he may live in peace; we named our roads ‘shantinagar’ in order to keep us away from the devil that created unpeaceful life. We search for light since darkness covers our minds.

To have victory over all the sins that human being possesses God sent His son Jesus Christ.

To make us holy, to give us peace and to give us light God sent His son Jesus Christ.  

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