Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am rich ! ! !

I woke up. From where? From bed ? No, absolutely not. I woke up from that moment when a friend of mine said we have many things to claim from God by being the children of God. Ask and it shall be given unto you….Is it a false promise ? No, absolutely not. When the younger son said “Father, give me my share of your property”. Is he did some mistake by asking the property ? Does he really have his share according to his claim ? The younger son has the right to ask his share because he is the real son of his father so he can inherit his father’s property.

I compared with some of the ministers who used to say there are crores of money which we can get from the central Government by proposing some projects with new idea (In Mizoram context). Yes, this is very much true because central Govt. is implementing new projects, schemes etc. day by day. If we came to know that this can be applicable for us and if we apply it immediately we can get crores of rupees for our state. Recently I visit one website that gives Tribal Scholarship for studying in Foreign countries like South Korea etc. Almost all their expenditure will be paid by the Government and the student have to pay very little amount of money. Then I came to know one more privilege/benefit we can claim by showing our ST certificates.

So …anything else? If I am the real son of God why am I hesitate to ask God and claim His richness for me because I know He loves me and would do anything for me. So fortunate by being the children of God.

Though I don’t deserve to get His goodness still God let me tasted His richness !


  1. Amen!!!

    The richest man in this world is one who is rich in spirituality. Because when it comes to materialistic worldly goods, there is no such thing as enough. We keep wanting more and more.

  2. a world of hunger but not enough to fill our greeds both in visible and non visible.