Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Arunachal 'W' Field leh Dibrugarh tlawh thlalak

ST Peter School hi Arunachal'W' field-a Synod school neihchhun a ni.

St Peter hi Assam leh Arunachal inrina, Assam ram chhunga awm a ni a, Dhemaji dist. chhunga awm a ni.

Simenchapori School (Simenchapori hi arunachal lam Pasighat kawnga kal zel a ni a, Mission compound hi main road bul a awm a ni)

Kan motor chuanna compound chhungah a tang...

Simenchapori Biakin

Laimekuri School-Laimekuri hi Simenchapori atanga main road-a kal zel, Simenchapori atangin  km 20 vel a ni maithei, hemi kawngpuia kal zel hian km 30? velah Jonai ava pawh a, chu2 arunachal border a ni tawh)

Laimekuri Biakin
Laimekuri School chhung-School building hi Synodin kan lakna ala rei lova, tunah hian sakthat tum mek a ni.

Dhemaji thlen hmain kawngpui a chhia

Dibrugarh kalkawng-Kaziranga Sanctuary chhunga kawngpui tuiin a chim nasa

Dibrugarh khawchhung


Ahom General ropui Lachit

Dibrugarh Mizo khualbuk

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Karbi Anglong Mission Field zin thlalak

Diphu Presbyterian Church- A lian tha khawp mai, Ramthar field-a kan Biakin ah chuan a lian ber pawl a ni maithei.

Field Secretary qtr leh Field office

Diphu Mission compound - I (Diphu ah hian Mission compound pathum a awm)

Biakin thar (A hming chiah ka hre tawh lo, a hawnna ah kanva kal ve)
Pastor in Biakin thar a hawnglai

Biakin thar hawnna thlalak

Diphu Mission compound -II (Compound II ah hian Presbyterian Mission School a awm)

Koilamati -ah kan school extend na tur hmun kan en

Silonijan Mission Compound

Nepal and Siliguri zin

Nepal-a Synod Mission Board in hma kanlakna-BiakIn

BiakIn chhung

Kakarvitta (Nepal) khua-a Mission compound

In chhiar ve tawh thin em!

Nepal leh India border, a lui hming ka theihnghilh tlat

Kakarvitta street

Ringtu unau te nen

Siliguri Mission compound-Field Secretary awmna

Siliguri Pradhanagar veng -a BiakIn

Siliguri street

Thursday, June 28, 2012

HE, Who heals me

When the doctor says you have to undergo an operation, the usual things which comes in our mind is when, in which hospital, will it be successful and how much money we need for operation? etc etc. That’s what exactly happens to us when ENT doctor suggest my wife that her ear would not be healed unless it is operated. Ever since then, we were preparing for an operation hoping that GOD would use the hands of the doctor. But the story ended in a different way.

The story begins like this…
My wife have been in habit of using ear bud as she used to felt so irritating and itching in her right ear. Sometimes it is so much that the itching is not ignorable and she even used the iron bud to reduce the itching. When we were in Hyderabad also, whenever she pick up the iron bud, often I scolded her as I am afraid that she will damage the ear drum, but it was no use because she was unable resist the pain. When I recall those days, I think from that time onwards the perforation (hole) in her ear drum was already started. Slowly her ear drum is deteriorating and the time is reached it could be heal if and only she undergo successful operation.

Preparing for operation
First the doctor told to get done CT Scan and Audiometer test in the Green Valley Hospital, Silchar. Silchar is about 2 hours drive from Karimganj, the town where we lived at present. After getting done these two tests, we again met the doctor and he prescribed some medicines for one month. These medicines are for drying the interior part of the ear since the operation can be done successful only when it is dry.

God sent unexpected guest
We had been praying to God for the successful operation, not only we two, but also sending the message to our colleagues and families to offer special prayer for the same as we know that God would lifted up His healing hands to release from the bondage of suffering. One day in the month of December, our friend who lived next door told us that an elder from their locality is coming to our place. He (an elder) has been anointed by God to preach the Gospel through healing. His name is Kaisanga. During he stays in Karimganj, my wife also approached him and he offered a prayer for her. After he prayed, the first thing he spoke out was God had healed her and told to prove it to the doctor. We were so happy to hear this and but somehow we were still in doubt. Yes, of course it is difficult to trust in God as our faith in reality is feeble.

Yes, it is true!
“This is a miracle”. This is the first word we heard from the doctor after thoroughly checking her ear. My wife, whom the doctor has been preparing for an operation with his prescribing medicine, is now totally healed. No more perforation in her ear! Being a doctor, he might have seen so many of his patients healed after operations or taking some medicines. But this time this story is new for him because this can be done only by GOD, not any of the human being. That is why he requested our prayer for him as he had seen GOD’s mightiness in his naked eye. Praise the Lord. Even I had shared my testimonies and offered a prayer in his chamber. We also presented the Bible as we explain about the Bible in which there are many stories about Jesus Christ healed many patients. After all we really praised GOD for His wonderful works and this story tells us that what is impossible to human being is possible through prayer.

This true story is written only for the glory of GOD who heals us, not for advertising the author and the other names mentioned here above. I really want to emphasize the greatness of GOD because HE deserved it.

So, dear friends, you all know now what our LORD Jesus Christ can do, why not approaching when you are in need because HE died for us, HE has risen for us and HIS helping hand is always near to help you.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I tan tunge A nih

Ngaihtuahna nasa tak senga mitthlaa lolang riai riai, miten hmu ve se ti a kan duh tak mai pencil leh lehkhapuan la a, kan suangtuahna te mawi tak mai a chhawpchhuak thintu Lemziak thiamte hi an hlu ngawt mai. An thawhrimna zarah liau liau Siamtu kutchhuak mawi tak takte pholanin a awm thin a, thil hlu ni a kan hriat ngailohte hlutna kan thinlungah an tuh thin a ni. Chu chuan ngaihsakna thinlung min pein a enkawl zui tura hringmite mawhphurhna pawh min hriat chhuahtir thin bawk. Thil mawi leh mi hip thei, mi duhzawng leh duhawm te hi Lemziak thiamte kuthnu a ni thin a ni. Mahse… Siamtu thilsiam mawina leh parvulna ringawt hi Amah Siamtu kan hriat telloh chuan ala chuai dawn a ni. Khawvel parvulna leh chu parmawina chen tu te ngei chu an la chuai dawn a ni.. Chung zawng zawng chungah chuan mawina zawng zawng infawkkhawmna leh duhawmna a khat thil pakhat a awm a chu chu kan Lal ISUA KRISTA hi a ni. A sulhnu a hnutchhiah leh a pianhmang te chu Lemziak thiam tamtak, tun thleng a an chanchin la rehlo te pawhin mawi leh uluk takin an ziak a ni. Thianghlimnaa khat, Thatna leh Felna zawng zawng neitu, Sawisel kailo, Khawngaihna leh Hmangaihna sangber neitu chu engang taka duhawm ni ang i maw! Lemziak thiam i ni a, ISUA KRISTA hi i tan tunge a nih ve le?

Lungpui chunga in, fur khawchhiat ruah sur tluk tluk laia tuihawk nasa tak lo luang dum dum in a tihchhiat theihloh satu pa kha pa va fing tak a va ni em. A finna chhan ber chu tunlai tawng takin a in sakna tur a foundation a thlang thiam a ni. Vaivut chunga in erawh chu furkhat pawh a daih lo. A building chu pawn lam atang chuan alang mawi ve fu a mahse a tak takah chuan belhchian alo dawl lo ngang mai. Ruah a lo sur a thlipui a lo thawk a, tuihawk nasa taka a lo luan meuh chuan hnuai lam atangin zawi zawiin kua alo hreuh a. A foundation a ngheh loh miau a vangin a tawpah a chim ta rup a ni. Tungchhova kal mihringte hian ‘A kila lung pawimawh ber’ hi kan nun foundation ah kan hmang lovang tih a va hlauhawm em! Tisa lam ah kan sang tial tial ang a, kan nun innghahna a bul a ngheh miau loh chuan kan nghing nasa tawlh tawlh ang a, a tawpah kan chim ve rup mai ang tih a hlauhawm a ni. Chuvang chuan kan nun bulthut hi Chatuan Lungpui nghet ISUA KRISTA-ah innghat sela a va tha dawn em. Chumi hnuah chuan i nun chu skyscrapers ang maiin chhawng tamtakin i remchho anga, i sang tial tial ang a midangte tan i hmuhnawm tawlh tawlh dawn bawk a ni. Engtikah mah i chim ngai lovang. A kila lung pawimawh ber ISUA KRISTA hi kan Engineer leh Architect te hian kan nunah engtiang taka pawimawh nge kan dah le?

Ram siamthatna tura ngaihtuahna senga tha leh zung tamtak seng tute pawhin kan hriat tur chu kan ram a dinchhuah nan hian eng hi nge kan hmachhuan tur tih hi a ni. Khawvel mihring thiamna – Central Services kan nihna, IIM, IIT leh India ram leh Foreign-a college tha ber ber a management leh Engineer thiamtak a zirchhuak kan nihna te, a nih loh leh Phd, Mphil. turu tak tak kan nihna te, Presidency leh Xavier’s college vel atanga kan thiamna puakchhuah te hi kan ram Mizoram siam thatna bulpui ber a ni hauh lo. Chung zawng zawng aia pawimawh hmasa chu PATHIAN THU hi a ni. Tunlai in ram siamthat duhtu anlo pung ta zel a, a chang chuan kan experience leh thiamna kan neihte hi kan tawrktarh nasa lutuk em aw tihtheih turin thil alo awm thin. Nie…a dik alawm, Japan ram te, communist Russia leh China ramte pawh an thawhrimna leh thiamna avangin ram hausa ber berah an inhlangkai a. Pathian tihtu chu sawiloh a thente chu Kristiante tiduhdahtu ram an ni zawk si. Enge a chhan ni ta ang le? Anni ho hi i entawn em ni? Anni ho chu ‘Fa’ nihna neilo ram an nia sin. Keini erawh Pathian fa kan ni a, kan bultanna chu kan Pa duhdan atangin a ni tur a ni a, anni nen intehkhin thei kan nilo. Pathian hian kan thawhrimna leh hriatna avang hian malsawmna tamtak he khawvelah hian a dah a, mahse Amah ringtute tan chuan A ram leh a felna zawng hmasa phawt turin min phut tlat. Chumi hnuah chuan kan thiamna te Pathian tih chung leh A duhdanin kan hmang ang a, Pu Rokunga raltiang ram chu kan thleng ngei ngei dawn a ni. Mifel sawm lek pawh awmse boral mailo tur khawpui ropui tak kha a chhungah mifel sawm an awm tlin miauloh avangin tihboral a ni. Ram hruaitu, Mizoram leh Mizo hnam dinchhuahna tura tha leh zung tamtak sengtu leh sen huamtu i ni a, ram siamthatna atan hian ISUA KRISTA hi eng tiang taka pawimawhah nge i dah le?

Vawiin chu ka birthday a ni a Mc Donald emaw KFC-ah emaw tal dinner ah ei ang aw engatinge kan tih thin le? Chaw leh chawhmeh tui tak, a siamtuin thiam taka mai bawlhlo tha tha nena chawpawlh ei kan duh vang a ni. Tlemin aman lo to deuh mahse a tuina nena chhut chuan kan lung a awi em em a ni. Mizo chawhmeh ah pawh Bai siam thiam te phei hi chu an hlu ngawt mai, a bai pawlh tur bawlhlo eng eng emaw nen an han chawhpawlh a, tuitak maia an siam kha kan lo eipui ve a, kan va puar thin tak em! Chu chuan thiam tak leh tui tak maia chaw leh chawhmeh siam thintu te hlutzia min hrilh a ni. Tisa lamah duhtawkin minlo hraipuar thin a lo ni. Chumi piah lamah chuan kan taksa mai nilo kan thlarau damna tur thil pakhat a awm a, chu chu Amah ngeiin min hrilh ‘Nunna chhang’ a ni a, tuihal te tan pawh chatuana kang lotur ‘Tuinung lui’ a ni. Riltam te tan riltam tawhlohna tur nunna chhang a ni a, hetui in apiang te hi an tui a hal leh ngai tawhlo bawk. Tisa lama kan pasal fanaute hraipuara, an ei leh in tur tui tak tak te hlui thintu te hian Nunna chhang hi i offer telve thin ang u. Chhungkua a nu ber te u, ISUA KRISTA hi kan chhungkaw tan hian engtiang taka pawimawhah nge kan dah le?

Vawi khat chu Mission Veng, Aizawl-a Masihi Sangati (khatih laia Non-Mizo Christian Fellowship) crusade-ah hian ka Inkhawm a. Kan Inkhawm lai chuan ngaihtuahna hrang hrang ka rilruah alo lut a. Thusawituin thiamtak maiin thu a sawi a ngun tak maiin an ngaithla a, mahse engtiang takin nge an naupan tet ata an sakhaw lo vawn tawh an kalsan theih mai ni ang le? Thusawitu thusawi ringawt atang chuan chu chu ava har duhawm ve! Mahse ka rilrua lo awm ta zelah chuan Thlarau Thianghlim hnathawhna zarah thusawitu thusawi te kha an thinlungah lo lutin hna a rawn thawk a, chu chuan enna alo pe thin zawk a lo ni. A chang chuan tlema kan thusawi alo that deuh changa Inkhawm bana I sawi tha hle mai ti a min han chibai sap sap hi chuan ka theihtak emaw ti a han hawisan vah mai pawh thil awltak a ni ve khawp mai. E, ani chu chumi hmun atanga zirchhuak a ni a, a zirna hmun pawh India ramah chuan a tha pawl a ni a, Thuthlunghlui zirna ah phei chuan Mizo te zinga kan hmatheh ber a ni. Tin, amah hrim hrim hi mi bright tak a ni bawk … tihte hi Kohhran miten kan rawngbawltute kan tehna tur a ni berlo. Rawngbawltu, a thingthit a vantawng hi Kohhran miten kan mamawh. Chumi dawtah chuan kan thiamna in hna a thawk tan dawn bawk a ni. Kan rawngbawlna hi ISUA KRISTA minlo tiam Thlarau Thianghlim tello chuan a hlawhchham zel dawn a, mihring taka kan beihna ah chuan kan hahthlawn mai mai dawn a ni. Kan rinna siamtu leh tifamkimtu a nih avangin A tello chuan penkhat kan pen pawhin awmzia a nei ngai lovang. Pastor, Missionary, Kohhran Upa leh in Kohhran Thalai hruaitu i ni a, i rawngbawlna ah hian ISUA KRISTA hi engtiang tak pawimawhah nge i dah le?

Lalpa, tunah zawng a uih tawh ang, a thihna ni li a ni tawh si a ti a Marthi-in Isua a chhan lai khan ‘Min Chhandamtu hi tunge a nih a la hrechianglo a ni maithei e. Mahse ni li lai a liam tawh hnu pawh a Lazara te khua a thlen hun pawh a huntak la ni theitho khan phelh ula, kal tir rawh u a’n tih meuh chuan thihna chunga roreltu a ni tih ava chiang em! Damlo tana ka tawngtaina hla pakhat chu, Aw, LALPA, kan taksa zawng zawng design tu i ni a… tih hi a ni. Kan taksa a diklo leh fello lai te hre vektu chu kan taksa design tu hi a ni. Midang an awm lo. Ka duh e lo thianghlim tawh ang che a tih chuan phar natna khan kha damlo chungah khan thuneihna a nei tawh lo. Tidamtu ISUA dungthula tihdamna hnathawk mektu te tan heihi chona a va ni em! Kei LALPA a tidam tu che ka ni titu nghenchhana tihdamna hnathawh hi a lo awlsam ber dawn alo nih hi. Mi pakhat thusawi ka hriat reng chu Mizo Doctor pakhat hian damlo enkawl tur a nei a, damlo chhungte chu Pathian hnenah a damna dilin an lo tawngtai laih laih a. Chu Doctor chuan khawnge, Pathian tel miah lovin ka’n enkawl a nge ( an thusawi dan ang chiah chiah chuan ka ziak lo) a lo ti a ni awm e. He Doctor thusawi tunthleng hian ka rilru a tina hle a ni. AIIMS, JIPMER, Lady Harding college adt. vel atanga kan zirchhuahna te hi tihdamna hna kan thawhna ah hian hmanrua berah kanlo hmang palh ange. Nge…India rama damdawiin lian tamtak leh Doctor/Nurse thatak tak te pawhin tawngtaiin Tidamtu hi an au ngai chuang lova, mahse an damdawi pek te chuan mi sang tamtak an tidam tho si a, chubakah Damdawi siamtu company lar Dr Reddy’s Lab ngei pawh ringlo tu hmuhchhuah a ni a, an damdawi te chuan mi tamtak natna a tidam tho a ni tiin i rilru a lo inzawt a mi? A nih chuan nang ringtu chuan anni ringlo tu chu i va awt in intehkhin i duh tihna a mi? Ringtute tihtur leh ringlote tihtur chu phek khatah a chuang ho thei lova, keini chu Chanchintha avanga danglam tawh kan ni a, ringlo te nena nghawngkawl bat ho thei kan ni tawh lova ni. Tawngtaina nena paracetamol mumkhat i patient a eitir chuan tawngtaina chhangtu PATHIAN ropuizia i hmu ang. Tihdamna hnathawktu Doctor/Nurse etc i ni a, i hnathawhna ah hian engtiang taka pawimawhah nge ISUA KRISTA hi i dah le?

Engtik laiin nge a lo zir thin tih tumah ina an hriat ngailoh Juda te dan bu Torah hrechiang em em mai, Synagogue-a naupangte a nih laia Puithiamte pawhin he naupang chu mi danglam tak a nih hi an tih thin ISUA KRISTA kha Zirtirtu ropui Rabbi tiin an ko thin a ni. Khatih hun laia zirtirtu ropui tak tak te leh khawvel awptu Rom mifing te kebula seilian nilo mahse ngaihsan a hlawh na ngiang mai. A chang phei chuan riltam hrelo leh chawei hun theihnghilh thakin mipuiten a zirtirna an ngaithla thin tih mipui sangnga hraiah te khan kan hmu a ni. Eng method nge, eng philosophy nge a hman chu hrelo mah ila mi rilru hneh thei zirtirtu ropui, a aia ropui awm leh thei tawhlo a ni tlat a ni. Mithiam tena zirtirtu tha quality an sawi thin A good teacher teaches, a great teacher encourage, the best teacher inspire tih han chhiar chiah hi chuan Lal Isua khan heng quality zawng zawng hi a nei kim vek tih ngun taka i ngaihtuah chuan i hrethei ang. I naupangte hmakhua ngaia zirtirna tha leh finna thuruk i pek duh chuan ISUA ke bulah tlulut mai rawh. ‘School of knowledge’ tam tak a awm laiin khawvel khawi hmunah mah hian ‘School of Wisdom’ hi a awm ngai lovang. Finna leh remhriatna hi hriatna (knowledge) atanga neih a ni ngawt lova, LALPA tih tute tana siam a ni. Kan Lalpa chuan thuneihna nen zirtirna a pe thin a chu chu hmangaihna in a hlenchhuak thin a ni. Nie, Amah hi zirtirtute Zirtirtu chu a ni. Zirtirtu ropui nih kan duh a, kan zirlai naupangte inspiration pek kan duh kan nih chuan a hniakhnung hi zui ila kan tifuh ber dawn a nih hi. Zirtirtu, nitin a naupangte nuna thiltha tuh duhtu kan ni a, kan hnathawhna ah hian ISUA KRISTA hi engtiang taka pawimawhah nge kan dah le?

Khawvel hi a changkang chak i ti em? Hmasawn na hi nitin kan hmuhtheih ah a awm ni mai hian a hriat a ni. Chutih rual chuan kum reilo te kal ta a kan nundan te kha han chhuikir hian a lo thing hma khawp mai. Tun ang hun, Facebook leh Twitter lar chhoh vanglaia chat nan Mirc kan hmang thin a ni tih thangtharte bula sawi chu a zahthlak lek lek zawk ta mai. Floppy drive siam chhuaktu te khan a hunlai kha chuan ropui an inti ve ngawt ang le, mahse tunah tumahin an hmang tawh ngai silo. Ni e, khawvelah hian thilthar a lo chhuak zel a, mathei lovin kan tunhun hi alo la thing dawn a ni. PATHIAN zara kan dam zel chuan kan tu leh fate pawhin kapu, in vanglai hian inlo la thing angreng hle mai, enteh in thlalaka in posi te hi, in camera hmante hi a thatawklo a nih hi … tiin nuihza siam nan tak minla hmang maithei a ni. A nih chuan khawiah nge khawvel finna chu? Kum reilo te a midangin heihi a dik tawk lo a ni, kan pi leh pute lo hmuhchhuah hi alo la famkimlo hle mai tih kan hlawh zel si chuan mihring hriatna leh finna chu a va ho si ve. Thang leh thar zelte hi keini aiin an thiam zawk a ni tihna a ni ringawt lova, famkimlo mihringte hriatna chu khawvel tawp thleng pawhin a famkim dawn chuanglo a ni. Arsi te khi a hun biah i hruai chhuak thei em ni? Zangkhua hote hi i hruai chhuak thei em ni? ti a chhan theihloh zawhna Joba hnena zawttu hi tunge a nih i hrechiang ang u. Mihring finna leh hriatna, kan hunlaia kan ngaihsan em em mai te nakin lawk a hluihlawn (obsolete) ni mai tur thiamna te hi lo welcome dan thiam a va tul em. Kan vanglai hun, hei bak bak a awm thei dawn em ni kan tih hun te kha chhuan thum vel a ral awrh ang a, mawl lai hun ah alo chang zel dawn a ni. Chu ai chuan…chung zawng zawng chunga roreltu, Van hnuaia thil engkim hi Ka ta a ni titu hi kan hriatna bulpui lo ni zawk rawh se tiin zirna runsang bel tu zawng zawng te ka sawm duh a ni. Khawvel thiamna hi Ama kutchhuak a ni a, A tello chuan i thu kha a ril thei lovang a,i hriatna kha chhawrtlak a ni hek lovang. Thiamna leh zirna runsang bel tu zawng zawng te u, in zirna ah hian finna bul ISUA KRISTA hi engtiang taka pawimawhah nge i dah le?

Khawvela sum dinhmun a tlakchhiat vanglai (recession) a ICICI bank tlukchhiat hlauhawmin a awm tih thu an than meuh chuan a tukah ATM kawtah an pawisa dahte a tam thei ang ber lakchhuah tumin nutling patling an ding khup mai a. An lakchhuah loh chuan an sum dahte kha an lachhuak theilo hlen mai ang tih an hlau ani. Khatih hun lai vek khan General Motors company, America chu sawiloh khawvel pum huap pawha company lian ber pawl, khawvel ram 157-a motor siama sumdawnna nei pawh tlukchhiat hlauhawm khawpin a ding a nih kha. Tsunami avanga Japan Nuclear reactor a chhiat rup lai khan Television Channel-a nu pakhat an kawmna ka hmu a, a ni chuan kan hruaitu te chuan 100% in he reactor hi a him ang anti, a ti a. Mahse 100% a mithiam ten a him ang an tih kha alo himlo a ni tih kan mit ngeiin kan hmuh kha, tuifawn leh thlipui avang khan nasa takin a chhia a, khawvel a ti mangang hman a ni. Khawvel ah hian dinghlen thei reng reng a awmlo a, dinghlen tur a awm bawk hek lo. Rohlu ka nei lawmna thuruk … tih hla sa thin tute hian engber hi nge kan rohlu chu? Sawrkar/Company-ah appointment thar i hmu a, i sum leh pai dinhmun a that chho deuh avangin chu chu i lawmna alo ni em ni? Contract nuai 100 chuang man i hmuh avangin khawvel hi i chhuk en ta mai em ni? A lawmawm e heng zawng zawng hi, mahse rohlu ber ISUA nei tel ngei ngei turin ka chah duh che a ni. I sum leh paite kha vanah, sulrul leh tui ekin a eichhiat ve theihlohna ah khawlkhawm tlat zawk rawh. Chutilochuan khawvel danglam zelin a lo eichhiatsak hlauh dah ang che. Hriatchian loh khawvel hi chuan mi bum hi a hmang a, nimina kan nuihna kha naktuka kan tahna a ni thei a ni. Chuvang chuan kan rohlu ber chu ISUA KRISTA ni sela, kan sum thuhrukna pawh hmuhtheih bank-ah ni lovin hmuhtheihloh bank-ah ni zawk rawh se. Kawla nichhuak chhiara rimtaka chhungkaw chawmtu i ni a, i eizawnna ah hian ISUA KRISTA hi engtiang taka pawimawhah nge i dah le?

Misualte tan ISUA KRISTA hi Pathian beramno khawvel sual kalpuitu a ni a, thatna reng neilo te tan kan felna a ni. Chaute hnena chakna pe thintu a ni a, thawkrim te tan chawlhna nuam a ni. Lei dan a thiam chang zo tawhlo te tan thiamchanna Kraws kan nei a, PA hmaa kan thiamthu min sawipui tu tur chu ISUA KRISTA hi a ni. Lungngaite tan thlamuantu a ni a, beiseibo tawhte tan khawvel nghahfak kan beisei MESSIA a ni. Keini Ringtute tan kan CHHANDAMNA a ni a, chatuana nunna kan neihna tura kan aia thi a tholeh ngei kha a ni. Chuvangin kei ka tan chuan ISUA KRISTA hi ka engkima engkim, ka nun hnarkaitu leh ka hmangaih chu a ni. ISUA KRISTA hi i tan tunge a nih ve le?