Thursday, June 28, 2012

HE, Who heals me

When the doctor says you have to undergo an operation, the usual things which comes in our mind is when, in which hospital, will it be successful and how much money we need for operation? etc etc. That’s what exactly happens to us when ENT doctor suggest my wife that her ear would not be healed unless it is operated. Ever since then, we were preparing for an operation hoping that GOD would use the hands of the doctor. But the story ended in a different way.

The story begins like this…
My wife have been in habit of using ear bud as she used to felt so irritating and itching in her right ear. Sometimes it is so much that the itching is not ignorable and she even used the iron bud to reduce the itching. When we were in Hyderabad also, whenever she pick up the iron bud, often I scolded her as I am afraid that she will damage the ear drum, but it was no use because she was unable resist the pain. When I recall those days, I think from that time onwards the perforation (hole) in her ear drum was already started. Slowly her ear drum is deteriorating and the time is reached it could be heal if and only she undergo successful operation.

Preparing for operation
First the doctor told to get done CT Scan and Audiometer test in the Green Valley Hospital, Silchar. Silchar is about 2 hours drive from Karimganj, the town where we lived at present. After getting done these two tests, we again met the doctor and he prescribed some medicines for one month. These medicines are for drying the interior part of the ear since the operation can be done successful only when it is dry.

God sent unexpected guest
We had been praying to God for the successful operation, not only we two, but also sending the message to our colleagues and families to offer special prayer for the same as we know that God would lifted up His healing hands to release from the bondage of suffering. One day in the month of December, our friend who lived next door told us that an elder from their locality is coming to our place. He (an elder) has been anointed by God to preach the Gospel through healing. His name is Kaisanga. During he stays in Karimganj, my wife also approached him and he offered a prayer for her. After he prayed, the first thing he spoke out was God had healed her and told to prove it to the doctor. We were so happy to hear this and but somehow we were still in doubt. Yes, of course it is difficult to trust in God as our faith in reality is feeble.

Yes, it is true!
“This is a miracle”. This is the first word we heard from the doctor after thoroughly checking her ear. My wife, whom the doctor has been preparing for an operation with his prescribing medicine, is now totally healed. No more perforation in her ear! Being a doctor, he might have seen so many of his patients healed after operations or taking some medicines. But this time this story is new for him because this can be done only by GOD, not any of the human being. That is why he requested our prayer for him as he had seen GOD’s mightiness in his naked eye. Praise the Lord. Even I had shared my testimonies and offered a prayer in his chamber. We also presented the Bible as we explain about the Bible in which there are many stories about Jesus Christ healed many patients. After all we really praised GOD for His wonderful works and this story tells us that what is impossible to human being is possible through prayer.

This true story is written only for the glory of GOD who heals us, not for advertising the author and the other names mentioned here above. I really want to emphasize the greatness of GOD because HE deserved it.

So, dear friends, you all know now what our LORD Jesus Christ can do, why not approaching when you are in need because HE died for us, HE has risen for us and HIS helping hand is always near to help you.


  1. A lawmawm hle mai! Praise the Lord!

  2. @ Pu Mohican, Ni e, keini pawh kan lawm tak meuh a ni. PATHIAN tihdamna hi chu a chiang em em a. A tihdam a ten kan phu vang ni hauh lova tihdam kan ni thin hi a ropui lehzual na chu a ni.