Friday, March 29, 2013


Alas! The land of Calvary has become red with the oozing blood of the Lord.
The tears of the evil eyes keep rolling, gaze at with wide open eyes dear devotee.
1. Who on earth could endure such grief at the sight of sinless body, stained with the blood of nail.
 The supreme savior Lord, a pauper, indeed, laid down His life for such sinners.

2. Forsaking the throne, the Prince of peace descended on earth with human agony, compassion and love.

3. Alas! Look at and find what is written on the blood stained nail, a sinless body on Calvary Cross just for shedding love.
The great suffering Lord who endured endless woe for you and me.

(Aha) Kalbheri bhumi lal hoye ghelo
Jorichhe Prabhu rokto
Pashan noyone oshro dulilo,
angkhi mele dekho bhokto.
  1. Shuchi tonuhari rudhir sikto kiloke-2
Eto betha bolo dhoronite peyechhilo ke?
Papir lagiya spoil jibon
Mohatyagi shirashokto.
  1. Rajason teji, rajar dulal
Esechhilo naho rikto,
Manusher dukhe somobedonay
Bhorachhilo tar chitto.
  1. Lekha ache oi shonito sikto shilate
Pranodilo Khrusher manobere prem bilate
Shottolanchona sohilo je Probhu
Patokir onurokto.

(He hla nalh tak hi Karimganj-a kan Kohhran member tangkai tak Dadua'n a English in a translate a, amah hi kum 93 vel a ni tawh a, a hlathu hi aman a ziakchhuak vek a, diary-ah min pe a ni)

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